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Picking some nits - none of which make this a free energy device

"It is a high frequency static electric charge generator and that's all."

It's a high frequency HIGH VOLTAGE generator. ("High frequency" being ultrasonic to really low radio.) It's AC. "Static" means DC - usually in the form of small amounts of high voltage stored charge.

Tesla coil output tends to be confused with static electricity because many of the impressive phenomena are due to the strong electric field from the high voltage, behaving similarly to the strong fields from a large static charge or the discharge of one.

"Tesla coils ability to send power suffers from inverse square law (power drops 4 time when distance doubles)."

Actually, Tesla's broadcast power scheme was apparently about pumping up a resonance between the ionosphere and the conductive surface of the oceans and water table. (Tesla was thinking about it as "elevated capacitance" coupling between resonators ...) At first, nearby (but out of the "near field"), this looks like it falls off by inverse square - but at global distances the fields are contained, and resonating taps on the cavity can be substantially more effective at sucking out power than losses from the Earth's coat of resistive material (such as plants and moist soil) causing cavity losses. It would take a lot of power to pump up the cavity to the point where you could pull useful amounts of power from it. But it is, in principle, doable. You either have to be right next to the transmitter, or have transmitter(s) strong enough to replace the whole power grid, to have enough power density to be useful.

Unfortunately, the main resonances were the cavity "rings" with some efficiency are a bit over 8 Hz and at a few multiples of that. At those frequencies you could actually transmit power at a global scale with efficiencies high enough to be useful. But the "taps" would be unacceptably large structures.

Also: 8 Hz is close to the "flicker fusion rate", where you can entrain and synchronize nerve firing by re-stimulating a nerve which had fired on one cycle during the positive afterpotential on the next cycle. I'd be leery of an industrial process that worked by producing a several thousand volt per foot vertical electrical signal at that frequency - or made lamps flicker at that rate. It's really good for setting off fits.

(One of the things HAARP can do is excite nonlinear phenomena in the ionosphere which pump the 8-ish Hz resonance with energy obtained by discharging some of the {continually renewed} atmospheric charge. They get about three orders of magnitude more power out than they use to excite the phenomenon, and think they can go better. But with the equipment they have the output is still a drop in the bucket - suitable for detection with sensitive instruments far from human habitation, rather than powering homes, cars, and aluminum smelters.)

None of this makes a Tesla coil into a free energy device. It's still a (very-inefficient to moderately-efficient-only-at-global-scale) power TRANSMISSION device. (Unless it could also be tickled into stimulating some gain from tapping the ionosphere - in which case the power would be distributed worldwide and you'd still need multiple installations on the scale of Hoover Dam to get enough to pay you back, with possibly large environmental impact.)

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