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Comment: That's PROOF of Spiritual Warfare

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That's PROOF of Spiritual Warfare

I am a Christian and suffered from panic attacks and anxiety. They had me on meds. I learned that it was spiritual. Demons attack real Christians. There is a spiritual war going on. This only proves that the people of God get attacked by the devil.

The problem is the lukewarm leadership in America. Christians don't know they are fighting spirits of fear and torment and the world tells them to take meds. I once learned that 50% of people in the insane asylums think they've committed an unforgivable sin. (I used to believe that lie too, until I looked at the promises in the Bible.) It's time for Christians to come off the meds and declare the promises of God. It's time to trust God and ignore the lies of the enemy and the lies of the world.

Here are my latest videos about this:

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