Comment: Don't send it.

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Don't send it.

Ask simply for how they will treat you if you decide to follow an "alternative vaccination schedule". Don't give specifics. Just keep letting them know that you and your wife are evaluating options so you appreciate any information he can tell you specifically on each vaccination, what it's for and what it does. Ask him if he will give you an alternative schedule.

Bear in mind he'll immediate advise against it. Get past that. What you are looking for is once he gives you his objections, will he chill out and respect your family's decisions. If he will, stay with him. If not, find a new Dr.

Then get to a naturopath licensed physician, pay the cash (probably around $75) and have them educate you on alternative vaccine schedules and what to do in the event your child gets one of the extremely rare ailments the vaccines are intended to protect. I.e. have a back up plan.

This is a family decision. No reason to get belligerent with anyone. What you should be looking for are trusted family medical partners who will respect your family's private decisions.