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Unknownuser, check out this

Unknownuser, check out this site - as it is chock full of info: There are many posters over there from women with miscarraiges and mthfr as well as people with variety of other issues stemming from the mutation.

Also, son's doctor prescribed Metagenic folapro which I was able to buy on Amazon

Get methyl B-12 and take it sublingually. My son has methyl B-12 shots but they require a prescription and compounding. Some people take a very low dose niacin to offset any intermittent side effects of the L-methylfolate.

I'm going to get tested too. If my HMO won't do it as I requested recently, I found this cool lab that will run your genome for $99. I think I might go with them anyway because you get so much info back that can indicate some genetic predispositions for health conditions.