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Our office switched to single dose vials for children whose parents did not want the multi-dose vials used. the single doze vials do not have thimerosol which is used as a preservative. ask for single dose vials.

Doctors get dinged if a child doesn't get immunized now. There is a group of administrators standing behind them and checking immunizations. It's a lot easier for them now because most of it is computerized. Our doctors were wonderful loving men who adored children and would never dream of harming one. But they believed what they were told by the manufacturers.. I could never quite figure that out. Once we could no longer maintain our private practice and got bought out by a larger firm everything changed. I would certainly recommend that all parents research immunizations. I feel pretty certain that when a production run meets the $$ the $$ wins out.

Bear in mind that there are still terrible illnesses like polio that are only a plane ride away. Personally I had chicken pox and measles and a probable mild case of mumps. I was sick when they were giving small pox vaccinations and never got one of those.. I had one of the first mass doses of polio vaccine and never had a problem with it either. It's a guessing game for the most part but you can ask for a modified shot schedule.. shots given at widely spaced intervals.

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