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aught to be and the way things are

This letter is so well written and professional that it serves as a small public service in-and-of itself. Reading the comments so far, I expect this little post to get some useful and varied responses. But the comments that resonate with me are Nystrom's and similar. Sometimes you have suspend your perspective on what is right and concentrate on what is. What are the sides, what do they represent, where is balance the power, and how does that affect you?

You may have to choose between fighting a cause for the greater good or ensuring the safety of your own. The two can go hand in hand, an argument can be made that they should, but it doesn't always work that way.

If you don't like the doc's advice you may be free to find another. In a different situation, you may need to accomplish your heath objectives with minimal attention. Imagine a setting where those not vaccinated are considered a risk to others. Imagine a situation where the vaccination is required. You may need to know this subject forward and backward to make sound choices under fire; long distance planning when possible. Best to you and yours.