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First off --

-- the whole twisting of Romans 13 to excuse tyranny is certainly a meme that gets passed around, but plenty of Christians throughout history would have decried that as a gross distortion. The context of the passage frames proper government as that which rewards good and punishes evil. Tyrannical governments have stepped out from their God-given role in society and there are examples all through the Bible of folks standing up against tyrants and kings. I really urge you to read Chuck Baldwin's son's book 'Romans 13: The True Meaning of Submission' if you're truly interested in understanding this issue rather than trying to use a broad brush.

Second, I don't know any Christians who believe that Christ's death was a 'good thing' in the sense of it being preferred over the ideal situation of it not having been necessary in the first place. It was an evil from which ultimate good could triumph, because the death was only a door to life, for Him and for all who would follow.

It's not that we like suffering; it's that we view it as only a temporary condition on the overall journey.

You know what depresses me? It's the view of 'no God' which starts off with only a cold, dead physical/quantum mechanical system, which means that everything such as person, love, right vs wrong, intelligence, etc. are all illusions, just temporary rearrangements of atoms and energy, just passing vapors like clouds that would appear to be sailing ships but really aren't. Put Shakespeare's brain next to Hitler's brain next to Jefferson's brain next to Mao's brain -- they're all just rearrangements of grey matter, etc. -- where is the true sense of right and wrong in that picture? It's all just dead, nihilistic, purposeless, meaningless stuff -- the Mona Lisa is no better or worse than the Holocaust in that view. Just different arrangements.

But start with Person, Love, Intelligence, etc. as the fundamental reality, and meaning and purpose and hope beyond suffering unfold. The Mona Lisa IS actually better than the Holocaust; the Declaration of unalienable rights of Life and Liberty IS better than the killing fields of Cambodia -- not just in the puny sense of a fleeting illusion within dead stuff, but in actuality! :)

Every fiber of my being rejects the dead, nihilistic view which saps the very life and goodness out of everything. Every fiber of my being embraces Life, Love, Person, Reason as eternal--with death and suffering as the temporary vapors, the clouds that will pass away.