Comment: 'Free energy' is very bad name for those devices

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'Free energy' is very bad name for those devices

I have been researching different 'free energy' devices for years, and I must say that the name 'free energy' has created more problems it should... When people hear 'free energy', they think that someone has managed to create energy from nothing - and that is impossible, it always was and it always will be impossible. What 'free energy' means is just that you got the energy for free - you didn't have to pay for it - and it doesn't mean that you created the energy.

What all those 'free energy' devices do, they use different approaches to harvest environmental energy - like quantum energy, environment heat or something similar. THEY DO NOT CREATE ENERGY, they function more like a windmill or a hydro-plant by collecting energy which is all around us, and that's all what it is to them.

And yes, there are more than just a few devices which can be used in home to get energy for free (free as in you don't have to pay to get it). Unfortunately, not a single device has reached consumers on a massive scale... Somehow every time someone tries to get commercial 'free energy' devices, their companies disappear over the night, or inventors die suddenly of suspicious death.

Lately there has been lot of hope for open source free energy devices, and now with projects like this on Kickstarter I really start to see bright future for those projects... Technology already exists (and it existed for at lest the last 80 years), it just has to get to public properly.

If anyone is interested for more materials, I would recommend the whole series of lectures and instructions from Tom Bearden, it is called "Energy from the vacuum" and so far it has 31 videos on different devices and/or methods. There are actually tons of material out there, from different researchers/inventors, only really hard part is selecting amongst them (as there is lot of garbage and scams out there which are also promoted as 'free energy').