Comment: I would go even further than other posters here,

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I would go even further than other posters here,

having raised 6 children, and long before naturopaths were even around, I had a doctor who went back each year for nutritional training. She was a great doctor, and had no ego, like so many. She , knowing me, often told me to do research on nutritional and herb cures for things, and if they worked, fine, but if not, then come back to her and she would try drugs, although she only used pure drugs, and never the mixtures they use now. When we had to move away, I asked her advice for how to find a doctor in the new area, and she said, Don't. Because doctors now are too quick to recommend surgery, drugs and never use nutritional answers to illnesses. She said if there is a problem, just go to the emergency room, and read up on nutrition, and feed your kids well, and use vitamins and supplements.