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At my work

I'm in and out of cars all day (I work at a massive service garage) and I usually just listen to whatever station the radio is already on. A LOT of people have it set to 760 am, featuring Frank Beckman in the morning, Rush in the afternoon and some other schmucks later in the day.

Rush doesn't talk much about the GOP, rather he bashes the liberals, the 'uninformed voters', the president, and any democrat that is currently in the spotlight. When it comes to liberty, he does stick to a pretty modern Republican P.O.V. (cut spending, but not defense. guns are great. government spends too much money. cuts, not taxes.)
On Fridays he takes calls, and usually will ignore good points made against the GOP and press on any points he agrees with that are anti-left. An example, somebody called in to say they have become so dissappointed with the GOP for being all bark and no bite. That they've left the party and are waiting for a new alternative to the democrats. Rush attempted to justify the bending, and then agreed that the left is terrible.

Though, today, I heard ol' Franky B. give a shout out to Rand Paul which surprised me. He more or less called him and Rubio the leaders of the reformed GOP (I'm pretty sure these two will be duking it out in 2016).