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When I think of public this is what is in my mind: 6. Open to common use; as a public road.

I have said that to you in many ways and you tell me it is nonsense. You are telling me what is in my mind is nonsense. To me public is opposite of personal or private. I might have a personal driver. Someone who drives me and only me. I might have a public driver. Someone who drives me and anyone else who wants a ride. We have private roads here in MO. They are dirt and are maintained by the people who occupy homes on the roads. We have public roads which are maintained by public funds. Or funds that are collected from the public as in from the people and the roads are to be used by the people. Whoever wants to use the road can use it in general. But there are rules to follow. I wrote you a whole comment but I never answered the reply.

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"I think public is something that all people are invited to access. Private is something that does not include access to all people. I think that is simple."
That is nonsense.
Why is it nonsense?
Do all the people invite all the people? If such an event occurred, anywhere, then you could demonstrate such an event as having happened once, or if it is happening now, then you can demonstrate it happening now. Unless I misunderstand what you mean, that which you write, is nonsense.
If public is: "all people are invited to access", then who does the inviting?
So now I am on the hook for using the word invite. I don’t mean formally, I mean here it is have at it. Here is the road…use it. Here is a park…use it. Here is a water fountain at walmart…use it. (except I understand the water fountain belongs to walmart, but they provide it for “public” use. For use by people in general. It is not in the boss’s office to be used only by the boss. It is next to the “public” bathroom which is open for general use in general by general people in general. Maybe public has to do with general use as opposed to limited use?
So I ask that person that I walk close to: “What is public?”

He says, “What do you mean, what is public?”

I said, “What does the word public mean?”

He said it means, “Open.”

There he doesn’t even make a sentence but gives a single word. Public = Open.

Well when you go back to my definition at the top: 6. Open to common use; as a public road.

I see the word open. But when he said open I did not remember it as a part of the dictionary definition. I suppose open as in Open Invitation as in No Invitation Necessary.

By the way. Most of the time when Warren and Andrews use the word public, they are referring to “the” public as in people. “Walter Lippmann said … You steal the key language of the person or group you want to overthrow and you redefine it and people then become confused.”

Sometimes that is what I feel like you are redefining language. I saw a comment on the DP that said Anarchists would throw away the dictionaries.

By the way, I think I read about Andrews here:

I thought it was interesting. I found it when I was looking for the book written by Andrews titled The History of Socialism. I'd like to read that book too.

“I say socialism is the study of society. Andrews studied society, and I can quote from his book. So what? Where is the contention?”

Socialism = study of society

Andrews studied society.

Andrews socialism.

That is why I have a problem with your definition. Does one study society or does one study socialism? If the single word socialism = study of society, then one could just say Andrews socialism and that would mean Andrews studied society. No one says “Andrews socialism. That sentence would not make sense.

Did Andrews write a book called History of Socialism? Is that the same thing as saying the History of Studying Society?

I want to know. Did you ever tell me that you know one absolutely true fact, and every attempt to disprove this fact proves it?

I am not like the Russian, I want to be spoon fed.

Really, when I wanted to send a memorial for your mother's passing, I was thinking of the book. It is in memory of her. What good are flowers in the long run? But what price is there on publishing her son's words? I could not send enough to meet the value of that opportunity, so a token representing the value was my wish.