Comment: You know... it delights me

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You know... it delights me

to think... no!... know, that Glenn Beck must be reading these comments or must have someone who reads them for him.

I reason that, any person keen on co-opting this movement, would be extremely stupid not to have their finger on the pulse of the movement. For all the Bullsh*t that comes out of Becks mouth, I don't take him for an idiot. Which only leads me to believe that his whimpering plea for Libertarians to accept him as one of their own, is in response to ALL of the responses on sites like this that call out this piece of sh*t snake for what he is... an opportunistic, self-serving, narcissistic tool.

Good for you Beck... you are a Libertarian now. Now keep it to yourself and move on with your life... there are more than enough Real Intellectuals who have studied and promoted Libertarian ideals for a LONG TIME to listen to on the Internet... Your "second-hand intellectual / behind the curve" opinions are OBSOLETE in this day and age. The Liberty movement doesn't need or want you as a spokesman... we already have FAR MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE people to read and listen to.

I guess it's true that the Rats are always the first to Jump ship.

Victor Escobar

;) ... p.s. that wink is for you Beck.