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The research I've done on this...

seems to indicate that often times these cases don't hold up as a defense because most of us have signed on to the Uniform Commercial Code by accepting the compelled benefit of discharging our debt with limited liability instead of paying the debt. E.g. When I pay $5 for a gallon of milk, I receive a real thing of value in exchange for money that is not backed by anything real & concrete. The UCC does not guarantee the protection of any of your Constitutional rights UNLESS you have reserved your rights in a timely manner (by signing your driver's license, registration or any contract, 'without prejudice UCC 1-308'...this is a reference to a particular part of the UCC which allows you to reserve your rights). Unfortunately that often doesn't work either when you face a judge in court. Many of them are on to this whole freeman, sovereign citizen defense & will do anything to prevent you from exercising your rights. This is where judicial activism comes in...those willing to make the effort to appeal to higher courts to set precedents that help to protect the rights of the rest of us.

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