Comment: Silver has become worthless not "unaffordable"

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Silver has become worthless not "unaffordable"

Because of the well organized paper future contract manipulation (J.P. Morgan), Silver has become reduced to just behaving like the rest of the fiat currencies (or possibly worse).

The market is totally controlled, and Silver has done nothing but sink like a stone because of this ever since early 2011.

I don't know why people here are still deluded into thinking that J.P Morgan is going to suddenly stop flooding the market with paper, and stop rigging the price. They won't ever stop, and nobody has the power (or wants) to stop them. After all, this is J.P. Morgan we're talking about. Know thy enemy.

So all this happy-talk about silver going up so high that it will be "unaffordable" is some kind of a naive dream here. The reverse is true, and you guys have been proven wrong on these wild predictions ($200/oz silver) over and over. This can never happen (regardless of any physical shortages) in a controlled, paper-flooded, price-fixed market.

It is being manipulated just like Fiat currency is, and it is being distorted into becoming close to worthless (from the standpoint of exchange back into dollars after you buy it).

Coins may be nice for local bartering. But don't ever expect a paper-flooded market to produce good market-exchange results.