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a 'worker' is this context is

a 'worker' is this context is certainly not an individual.

In who's context? Please describe how any voluntary association is incompatible with libertarianism? Then ask yourself if citizenship of any state is always voluntary?

The propaganda of the Soviet Union was that of the worker. If you knew your history you would understand this.

What is the propaganda of the USA?

You have continued to argue the point that a democratically elected 'commune' or a communist system is ok as long as the people vote for it.

Please cite where I have made such a ridiculous argument. I'm pretty sure you won't find it as that's the strawman you've constructed.

And I have been arguing that not everyone ever agrees on everything and inevitably that system is tantamount to tyranny to those who do not wish to live in the 'commune'. That is the point that you don't seem to understand.

In a truly free society, what's prevening any individual from leaving a commune or any voluntary association? The concepts of liberty and voluntarism seem to be points you don't understand. Dr. West finding common ground with Ron Paul is a step forward. Your demogoguery of Dr. West with terms you have limited understanding of, like "liberty" and "communism," is two steps back.