Comment: 324 years of Gold:Silver ratio.

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324 years of Gold:Silver ratio.

Before 1895 US government was buying silver at above market price. Although the gold:silver ratio was set to 20:1 by statute.

Researhing prices in 1913 and today I found that a Silver Dollar buys roughly the same goods then and now.
Gallon Milk
Dozen Eggs
Pound of Beef
4 pound flour
10 pounds potatoes
and 10 gallons of kerosene ($0.18/gallon).

That federal reserve note grandpa saved buys about $0.04 worth of goods compared to its Silver Dollar cousin that buys about $25 worth of goods today.

A Silver Dollar doubled its purchasing power between 1792 and 1913. It has held its purchasing power since 1913.

The value of silver coin has been proven over 500 years starting with the German Thaler and the Spanish Real after 1360s.

During the Weimar inflation the old lady whose husband collected a washtub full of old coins could buy a loaf of bread with a few coins while her neighbors would push wheelbarrows full of paper money to the bakery. The next day that wheelbarrow would only buy half as much.

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