Comment: Well, very thought provoking.

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Well, very thought provoking.

Well, very thought provoking. But I smell either a socialist movie or a anarchist movie(the big hint for me was the animosity of having borders). Could be neither but It wouldn't be the first time a movie starts out very reasonable and just dive bombs into an Anti-Republic message. Most likely it is socialist. There is a band of socialist trying to use the same initial premise for adhearing to Liberty, then when they think they've hooked you they start spewing their socialist utopia mumbo jumbo.

A lot of them, believe it or not, have come from the Zeitgeist documentary crowd. There is something called the "Venus Project" in which a futuristic society is envisioned where resources are managed by "central" (keyword: Central) managing facilities. The resources are then delivered to people according to what they need or is fair. The question I always ask these goofs is "who gets to run these facilities and how do you stop corruption.?" In these social utopia settings you rely on the state... There is no self reliance. But socialists never seem to acknowledge that there will be humans who seek power.

There is another video that starts out really well but turns into a socialist fest. i will see if i can find it for you. Heh, but who knows which way this video will pan out. I am just saying DONT BE SURPRISED.

Edit: Judging from his other videos I believe the maker of this video is an Anarchist.