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Check out my post on the real

Check out my post on the real purchasing power of the DJIA as compared to gold.

Remember the stocks of gold mines contribute to the DJIA among others, and as opposed to the NASDAQ for instance - unrelated.

And as you'll see, the DJIA is de facto, for the most part, being vastly rigged ever since the end of the 2000 bubble - likely by quantitative easing, essentially.

So, whether gold is up or down in trends on manipulated markets re: shorts vs. longs isn't that much significant as far as gold mine stocks/shares are concerned : the latter are manipulated the same way as the DJIA itself has been for likely more than a decade already.

Although the PMs are so undervalued, it is quite amazing they are still strong enough as witness to reveal the almost complete erasure of the US industry capitals AND productivity - the capitals and productivity levers have either been exported to china or destroyed by the collectivist status quo that Bush NWO had well settled down a decade even earlier, early 90s.

Himalayas of debt and wars - that's where the USA have been extracted, squeezed into for two decades now at a formidable scale. An entire people living on "credit" and encouraged to spend, borrow and get into always more debt, while being taxed increasingly slowly but surely - the boiling frog.

I suspect FDR great recession times are already a pleasant joke compared to what we are living now hidden in plain view : this unprecedented deception "works" only because, I think, unlike in the 1930s, it is all the western countries trapped in the same Central Bankers Wars SCAM - simultaneously.

Now the QE'ing is going A-wild. Gone totally loose. They're going to print more and more and more and finding more and more unfriendly takers of US fiat dollar, more and more of them demanding real assets instead - or trading with someone else.

It is currencies AND assets war times now - not sure who can win, if that makes any sense, but that's for sure the ever accelerating fall of the USD, and JPY...

We folks better hold onto the little we own and can touch, if you ask me.

And defend and protect it fiercely.


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