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from what i've seen it's

one step forward & two steps back. i pay attention to rand, after all he is ron's son, and i applaud some of his work in the senate, but revolution?

how does a man inspire a revolution who supported romney, even campaigned for him and today still says he respects him? how does a man who is getting support from creatures like beck and rove now lead a revolution? how does one lead a revolution while voting for sanctions (act of war) that will kill innocents? how does a man who claims aggression on israel is aggression on the US? how does a man lead a revolution who recently said: "i want a little less aggressive foreign policy?" regular politicians (which is what he is) don't lead revolutions. he may even be successful with your support but i doubt very much you will see 10000 screaming college kids waiting to hear him talk, or people who had zero interest in politics paying attention and changing how they live their lives because of his words and actions.

don't second guess the rand critics (and criticism and challenges are healthy) mostly what i have read are well meaning freedom advocates who are having a hard time seeing the true ron paul rEVOLution being watered down to basic politics as usual (with a bone occasionally thrown to liberty crowd).
go ahead now and call me a drama queen like you have before if it makes you feel better.