Comment: Sure sucks doesn't it?

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Sure sucks doesn't it?

dexterszyd is most likely correct in that someone got bent out of shape over your post. Until VERY recently, I made a habit of ALWAYS using the "search function" on the upper right so as not to post duplicate threads and not clutter the site. However, no good deed goes unpunished. It's discouraging when many on here don't do the same. I remember posting a couple of things that had already been posted, just had different titles so the search never brought it up. After I'd realized it was a duplicate, I did the "polite" thing if you will and post on my own thread that mine was a duplicate and I'd include a link to the original post.

Having said that, I found it ridiculous, and extremely lazy on the part of some members here, that seem too be to busy and can't be bothered to use the "search" tool. The result of their laziness would duplicate the SAME story over and over again. Last month the SAME story was duplicated FOUR times(to my knowledge), who knows if it was even more. And someone just this past week duplicated a story that had already been posted a full week prior.

Now having said that(again) someone did what you did and posted something that had already been posted a while back. I'm talking over 6 months I think. I don't see a problem with posting something like that if:

a) It's an important topic that we shouldn't let slip away
b) Some time has elapsed where new members have joined who may have not seen the original material. I think 6 months to a year is fair.

Either way, those are my thought and like dexterszyd said, don't stress over it. From what I've seen of the constant duplicates here, it seems that neither Michael nor the mods are too concerned over them, so don't worry about it and post away.