Comment: I have been busy on Audit the Fed...

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I have been busy on Audit the Fed...

In the past month I have been posting on all congress facebook pages asking them to cosponsor HR 24, when I started there were 65 cosponsors, now there are over 100, I encourage all of you to post on their facebook pages.

Next I was a special guest on a local radio show in Central California talking about WHY we need an audit and what people can do to help get one. Here is the link with a list of all the CA congress who voted YES for the Audit the Fed bill in the last session, as you can see it is very even between D's and R's, please spread this around and encourage your friends in CA to call congress to cosponsor HR 24.

Next I have been visiting Congress and Senators when visiting their states. I was just in Arkansas and I visited both Senators and left a letter with their Aids encouraging them to cosponsor S-209 and congressmen Tom Cotton who is a freshmen and needs to be educated on the subject. Please contact your friends and family in Arkansas and ask them to call and email Tom Cotton.

There are many other things we can do to educate the people about an Audit, when talking stay focused on today's economical problems concerning the FED, like how they announced they are going to print up to One TRILLION Dollars this year alone. Remind them, about the everyday prices have been going UP UP UP since the $800 Billion Bank Bailout. Set up a table at gun shows, farmer's market's, rallies, political events and ask people to sign a letter or petition demanding your Congress person and Senators cosponsor the Audit the FED bill. Don't stop encouraging everyone you know to call and write their congress and Senators.

I raised amazing daughters who are assets to the community, I will not let them live their whole life as a DEBT SLAVE, please help, please don't give up, please continue working on a Full and Complete Audit of the FEDERAL RESERVE!

Thank you, Tara