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Free Market Government

The Democratic Federated Republic design of government has the design feature by which The People retain the POWER to choose to join or not join a Voluntary Union, and they retain the POWER to choose to pay for, or not pay for Union Dues.


The obvious problem is any group of people who are organized into a POWER greater than the POWER of any other group of people whereby one group uses their POWER to enslave the other group. By definition the weaker POWER is subjected to the stronger POWER.

The People are therefore set to solve a problem that appears to be difficult on the surface, because the surface is a False Front.

The People, here and there, in this place, and in that place, at this time, and at that time, solved the problem in competitive ways.

Examples include:

Many very old societies studied by people who have an interest in studying old societies. Erich Fromm is a reference for those examples. Athens with government by sortition is an example.

The Icelandic Common Wealth

England at the time when Magna Carte was working with Trial by Jury based upon Sortition

Holland a the time of the American Revolution


Each competitive State that were former Colonies of England during the American Revolution under The Articles of Confederation.

The Democratic Federated Republic that consisted of 13 Separate and Sovereign States volunteering, and paying voluntary Union Dues, to be a part of a defensive POWER under The Articles of Confederation.

Each of 13 former Colonies were separate, but small, Governments, and at that time period, between 1776 and 1788 The People defended their Liberty against the largest aggressive army of invaders aiming to subjugate all The People in America, so that first problem was demonstrably solved.

Each State could have been subjected to enslavement by the aggressors had they not all been attacked in turn, or had they not gained the help of France, or had they not voluntarily joined together to defeat the common enemy, the enemy army invaders who invaded for fun and profit were defeated.

Problem: Very large criminal armies roaming the Earth and making slaves out of otherwise free people living in Liberty.

Solution: The Articles of Confederation designed to maintain State Sovereignty and combine defensive military POWER, including a POWER to make defensive treaties with other POWERS such as France.

Problem solved, as demonstrated by The People who actually drove the criminals out of America.

The other Problem had to do with our own hired employees becoming tyrants and enslaving The People after the emergency of invasion was over.

That was not a problem as demonstrated with Shays's Rebellion, because the solution was built into the Democratic Federated Voluntary Republic Free Market Competitive Government Design modeled after Holland and Switzerland.

The design of a Democratic Federated Republic is such that The People can vote with their feet from one State to another State, as one State may go bad, and one State attempts to make slaves out of The People in that State.

That is Free Market Forces in Government in Action: vote with your feet, since it is legal.

Problem A:
Large Armies of Aggression for Profit roaming the Earth

Solved: Democratic Federated Republic design of Free Market Government under The Articles of Confederation where Slavery is not Legal according to the Voluntary Agreement of Constitutionally limited Sovereign States forming that Republic.

Problem B:
Rouge governments, States that turn into Despotism, inside the Voluntary Union of States.

Solved: Slaves can run away from one State and move to another State and no Federal Employee is given the legal license to return a runaway slave back to the State that has turned to Despotism, or even if there is a State comprised of people in a State that is demonstrably Despotic (slave states) despite Constitutional Limitations in that State (swept under the rug). Shays's Rebellion provided the legal precedent and the proof that the Free Market Voluntary Solution of a Democratic Federated Republic of Voluntary Union Dues Paying Separate and Sovereign States banded together into one defensive POWER works to solve those problems.

Problem C:
The Union itself, the Federal Part, not the State part, of the Voluntary Union becomes despotic, no longer a voluntary Union.

As States refuse to pay Union Dues because States are not buying Despotism, the Federal part of the Voluntary Union no longer gains currency or POWER since the State governors, and The People who hire the State governors, stop paying the Union Dues when the Federal Employes become Despotic.

There are many examples of State governments refusing to pay their Union Dues, reporting to other State governments intentions to secede from the Voluntary Union unless there is a move away from Despotism. Those reported intentions proved how that check on that runaway power worked, in fact, in many cases.

You, you there, if you keep making your crimes legal, I will pay you no more money, got it?

It worked, so why not get it working again?

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home
Start now and be done with it by July 4th 2013