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(((((((Nansea)))))) One did not need to be out of a loop to miss the fundraiser for my, Send The Granger to Sacramento, post. It was up for less than 24 hours before we achived the goal of $575.00

I closed the post to terminate more donations and began this one to THANK everyone who offered me, good luck, best wishes, "give 'em Hell", "Go get em", and donations.

Please accept my offering you a place on this post in saying THANK YOU (((((Nansea)))) for the offer to contribute to my pending trip to the CA GOP Spring Convention in Sacramento, where I look forward to passout the business cards I ordered that have on the back, and flyers with up and coming federal/national level liberty candidates in the GOP like Justin Amash. I hope to look Karl Rove in the eye and say, "The people are catching on, Karl.", and show some silver at the dinner and lunch table to teach people about sound money, and talk about the constitution, and how far we've lost our way by being played to losing our rights.

I'm taking you in my heart with me.