Comment: My company guarantees lowest metal prices

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My company guarantees lowest metal prices

My company guarantees lowest metal prices, but unfortunately for many, I have a $5,000 minimum investment. I refer those who want to invest less than $5,000 to APMEX gladly with no compensation.

I believe Sierrahpbt from DP sells precious metals too.

Or Peter Schiff at EuroPac Metals.

What I try to do for my clients is offer my thoughts on the metals markets, not on a daily basis, but from a more macro point of view. Unlike many gold dealers, I am dollar bullish right now and have been advising my clients to dollar cost average into a position the last year or so rather than go all-in.

Most would ask, how can you be dollar bullish when there are so many issues with the dollar? The main reason is, I am Yen and Euro negative, which make up 71% of the dollar.

Gold priced in Yen is up 19% the last 6 months and the Euro is, in my opinion, next to suffer compared to the dollar. Same goes with the Pound. By default, the dollar benefits, which can be gold/silver negative over the short term.

But we all know the National Debt continues to rise as both Democrats and Republicans raise the limit every time it comes up. It's what Congress does best. We all know the system is unsustainable. We all know banks don't mark to market their assets and have more sub-investment grade derivatives coming due the next 5 years than they did at the height of the 2008 financial crisis.

Gold will rise in price in all currencies as it has the last 12 years straight. Running from one side of the ship to the other chasing the stronger currency matters not when the ship is the Titanic and the only life boats are made of gold. The whole world will be chasing what little gold there is.

Market Makers, as I point out in the article below, simply like to squeeze out the late comers and get them to scream UNCLE! I've seen this pattern 100 times. The bottom in prices should come this year but as I also point out in the article, the Fed is still working its magic propping up the stock market and keeping interest rates at bay while they pretend a recovery is afoot. All they are doing is creating another bubble in bonds, the stock market and expectations, resulting in disappoint for most. Deja Vu.

Here is my latest article: Will the Price of Gold and Silver Keep Falling?

And if you haven't seen it, here is a video I created of the folks at CNBC making comments about gold, having no clue about gold's price rise the entire move up (someone has to mock them!).

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