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Comment: I am 42 with young children

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I am 42 with young children

I had both sets of grandparents together last night and I asked them what they thought of a 3 yr old girl crying when trying to go to Disney. They seemed disturbed by it and of course didn't support it. Their generation is CLEARLY responsible for the fall of the republic, they can run from it all they want BUT they are responsible. Worse most of their kids (I guess my generation) have been brainwashed by their parents so its only getting worse.

I think my wife and I , and people that read sites like this are the exception. I think if we are honest with ourselves we might and I stress might make up 10% of the population. So our kids (all very young right now) are going to be in for a fight at every step they take - public schools (frankly all schools), traveling at airports or msm news. Everywhere I look I see strong brainwashing - if they get our kids its over for liberty.

So at best we start with 10% of the population fighting this stuff and even if they try very hard there is no guarantee that they will get to their kids enough before the schools do. Most parents are overworked and may not have the skill set to 'beat' the system. To me that is scary but it's the truth.

So getting back to what we do - I think if grandparents are bombarded with videos of crying kids they will eventually get it - maybe????? The video camera is the new gun and we need to use it everywhere all the time. The more videos of crying kids the better for our effort - that is sad but true.

I am truly sorry for your experience it has bothered me for the past few days I wish more people would wake up.