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I will tune in...

...lots of my friends and family were living in fear all night. This has hit me right in the gut. I need more details. For those asking for more details, I got some from a friend who has a police scanner. Here are my last few FB posts on the situation.

"Detectives were investigating a drug tip, occupants of home opened fire with automatic rifle. Then house was set on fire. Then manhunt." <--- this was told to a friend of mine who is in SWAT and that was the briefing more or less.

And here's my last post,

"***Update* *** Source with police scanner provides a little more detail. Initially only one suspect reported. The other two suspects were not mentioned for the first hour or so... He was described as a white male in his 20's... The police then reported the house on fire and were under the impression suspect was still inside and was possibly going to fire more rounds at police. Sometime after an hour or so of the gunfire that was heard, the police scanner channel was changed and the transmissions seized to be heard over public frequencies (or they just couldn't find it for one reason or another). It was after the public police scanner went dark that the other 2 suspects were introduced through the media. There are rumors of an injured party. Someone was reportedly shot. No other details I know of. All reports from Herald and local networks allude to all three suspects being involved in shooting at police... but over radio only one was talked about.. At this point, it is unclear whether the other two suspects are wanted for being involved in the shooting itself or for being known occupants of the address. I also read in some reports that the media initially had the wrong address of the house."