Comment: I am referring to innovative energy devices.

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I am referring to innovative energy devices.

I ran my car on HHO for a while. Got a huge improvement in mileage. I still get told on a regular basis that is does not work.
I see videos of people tapping into what is often called "zero point energy" and they get derided for calling it "free energy" by people who refuse to look at concepts, they prefer to argue semantics. These people do not claim they are God, Creating Energy. They claim they have tapped into an unused power source.
Ever seen the MYT Engine?
The guy is giving his design away, he just wants the world to have it. No one will manufacture it, and the masses do not even know enough to be pissed off. They blindly bleat "there is no such thing as free energy" and go pay whatever the gas station or power company decides to charge them today.

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