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been there plenty

sent the links to a lot of my friends also.

If you look at the objects around the sun in the 'EUVI 195' images, you can see marked symmetrical disturbances in the surrounding electromagnetic field near each object. It would suggest that they are using some type of electro-propulsive force.

btw - I've been an electrical engineer for over 30 years and am very familiar with the electric universe theories. They make the most sense.

NASA has an iPhone app that lets you stream the satellite feeds. My daughter installed it the other day and spotted one 'entity' - Neptune-sized - within the first couple of minutes. She spotted two more together a few hours later. This is just while doing random peeks. There are several youtube posters that publish daily compilations.

there are also videos showing some of these objects flying through the sun - all from the NASA satellites.

One video from Jan 4, 2013 showed an object roughly the same size as the sun traveling past - also with visible disturbances to the surrounding electromagnetic field.

if you recall from the electric universe theories, plasma events are consistent regardless of size - they scale perfectly. So it shouldn't surprise us to find objects on a scale vastly different from our planet.

and then there's the red-shift issue, a la Skip Arp. blows the Big Bang theory right out of the water.