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Never said gold wasn't money and I never said it was an investment in the first post you replied to where you tried to make a point unrelated to what I posted. I do tell my clients that it IS insurance. It's insurance against the U.S. dollar risk to one's "portfolio." This includes U.S. stocks priced in dollars; U.S. bonds priced in dollars and U.S. bank instruments (CD's, Money Markets, etc.) priced in dollars. Typically, 80% of U.S. portfolios are subject to this risk and need the insurance that gold offers.

Are you saying a person with little money can't make an "investment" to grow his wealth? That they can't begin allocating to a portfolio of stocks, with as little shares as they can buy? That you're not "normal" if you do so? How does one get wealthy in this country if not through stocks or real estate (outside of inheritance)? I don't know where you're coming from with such statements.

You are right, most people couldn't save that kind of cash in a year. Does this mean they don't start with less? What did I say that would make you think this? The one's who buy from me can afford the minimum I require. Don't penalize my business for helping people allocate their wealth into gold and silver. I took on my entire industry writing my first book in doing so.

I help a target market where people have money and gladly refer people to reputable companies who call in and have less than my required minimum. I've also spent a lot of my time freely to answer any questions they have and recommend the right products to buy, and I have called the markets pretty damn good bringing value to my clients.

I write for and you can go there and join the conversation like I do, challenging the intellect of the gold haters. The gold haters are in force right now. Yet they know not to comment on the articles I write. Wonder why that is.

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