Comment: Why do you buy silver and gold?

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Why do you buy silver and gold?

I buy silver because it is a store of wealth that is very much being depressed. Gold is also a good store of value and will appreciate in value but not as fast as silver IMO.

I think silver will be in parity with gold some time in the future, because there is less of it. It is being used to prop up the way of life we enjoy with all our electronic gadgets. This is just one of the reason silver is being manipulated down, another is keeping the dollar inflated. The American mining companies are also having trouble making a profit when silver is trading $30 and under. If we keep testing this $30 spot price will the miners stay in business? Brother John talks about this starting around 7:30 but the video is very interesting from the beginning.

With all the manipulations going on in the silver market, we all need to remember it can not go on forever. Gold and silver will have the final accounting on all fiat currencies. Mike Maloney brings this out in this video:

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