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Comment: You really don't know what Bitcoin is

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You really don't know what Bitcoin is

You said that the internet is a physical network of computers, (implying that's what gives it value)?

Bitcoin is also a physical network of computers. In fact, the bitcoin network has more hashing power than any other super computer in existence... BY A FACTOR OF 10X!

And to your argument that "Bitcoin isn't money," there are a number of physical establishments (restaurants, what-have-you) that accept Bitcoin, as well as a growing number of online presences (including HUGE names like Wordpress and Reddit) which now accept Bitcoin. Do these establishments believe Bitcoin isn't money?

Ask any of the users of Silk Road (who freely and fearlessly buy guns and drugs with Bitcoin - the only tender the site accepts, mind you) whether they agree with your statement... that Bitcoin is not money.

If you believe Bitcoin isn't money, then, perhaps, Bitcoin just isn't money to YOU. But day by day, more and more of the world is disagreeing with you.