Comment: a VERY dangerous precedent

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a VERY dangerous precedent set, not to mention the FLAGRANT ABUSE of taxpayers' monies when we are supposedly trillions of dollars in debt! ARe you kidding me? I just get so enraged, when I read things like this. Such a MAJOR ABUSE of our right to privacy, not to mention our LIVES, which I'm sure will lead these terrorists to destroy every last vestige of our rights, in general. No doubt they will attack people who own guns in the process of their so-called, SELF-RIGHTEOUS, and SELF-AGGRANDIZING acts of fascism that they push on the masses. This whole thing can lead to nowhere except a deep black & IMMORAL HOLE. These people who are doing such things do not know it, but they are heading to hell on judgment day.

This is a GOVERNMENT GONE WILD. First, they get the drones flying around and numb the public, then, they start using them to kill criminals, THEN....they start with the intended purposes of the REAL program which is to attack and murder innocent Americans WITHOUT charges, a judge, or a jury and will put out LIES to the Media about the person(s) they decide to murder. What happens when a trigger-happy military guy pulls a trigger on a known innocent? NOTHING will happen. That's the scarry answer. Nothing.

This is a VERY DANGEROUS PRECEDENT, with a lot like Hitler/Stalin-like ambitions! NO, first they say it's a non-lethal drone out there for "public safety"...then, we know what's next after that, don't we kiddies.

And, this leads to the ultimate act--that of terrorizing the public, as they drive to work, as they sit in their livingroom, as they sunbathe, as they take a walk, making them FEARFUL and then, the GOVERNMENT truly will have morphed into its own new identity, a GOVERNMENT TERRORIST.