Comment: I trade what I see in front

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I trade what I see in front

I trade what I see in front of me. I learned a long time ago in this business that the market doesn't care what your bias is. Obviously I have a positive bias for gold/silver but I won't let that affect my trading the tape I see in front of me.

Metals going down in price isn't a bad thing anyway. I'm not calling the end of the gold bull it's a couple of year pause after a 7-8 year parabolic run, and eventually sometime in the future gold will trade @ 5,000+/oz along with a 20,000+ dow.

It's not about buying physical gold/silver and saying to yourself "tehehe I'm really f'ing over the fed", it's about increasing your wealth. If I'm going to buy another $200,000 worth of gold I want to be damn sure my timing is correct.

Of course gold is money, has been for thousands of years.