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Does intangible=worthless?

Not always. In my personal opinion it does equal worthless when it comes to currency.

"So what utility does the metal *actually* have?"
Silver has a lot of uses. Pharmaceuticals to water purification. It's a great industrial and electrical metal. I can send you tons of links if you would like them, but the information is very easy to access.

In an economic shtf collapse type situation with bitcoin as far as I understand (which I will admit to not understanding completely) I would need to be able to access my computer and or the internet in order for my bitcoins to be of any value, is that correct? What good would that do me if I cannot readily access either?

What good would silver do me in that case? I will be holding it and it's value will be in my hand or pocket to use as trade options.

Correct me if I am wrong on any of it because I do not understand bitcoin so I could be wrong.