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I think I know what you're talking about

where he does say a lot of correct things. But going after GOP elites stops when real progress is on the horizon. He went after McCain at one time long ago, but changed his tune when McCain was going to be the nominee and covered the flip with lots of rhetoric about how dangerous the other side is.

And going after left Marxists is just part of the game. You're supposed to think "oh good, so many people are hearing this". It's a distraction. No one's taking care of anything, only hearing it and the left is hearing their guys and nothing changes.

If he were just a big pile of wrongness, no one would listen to him. The problem is, the people who need to listen to us are listening to him instead and they're being held back from seeing the bigger picture.

Limbaugh is an anchor of the left-right paradigm. He keeps people trapped in it by dangling things that do need to be said in front of their noses and leading them deeper in.

You know someone's there to keep you trapped when they spend so much time drumming up drama about what the other side is doing. That's not activism. That's drawing out a ping pong game.

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