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Ok I can see where you're coming from

on the statist. I did not say I agreed with the curfew laws, merely stating facts that these kids did not respect those laws. I care about it being a party instead of a sleepover if alcohol was being consumed by these kids that would make them be breaking 3 or 4 laws and be endangering others lives by drinking and driving. Again I never thought these kids should have been shot or killed and that is why I put "defend" in quotations for the title. The kids were driving away when he shot at the car which some would argue as excessive force.

And I really don't understand you're questioning of me putting this article and my opinion on here where we are supposed to be discussing our opinions and ideas. And as for what I'd think Dr. Paul would do does have some merit being as this is a forum with his name in the title, but I don't live my life by What Would Dr. Paul Do. I do respect his opinions more than most but I try to live an independent life.