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had to

who had to vote for Romney were those who signed loyalty oaths to the party to become national delegates for Ron Paul. Intergrity does not mean cheating on the loyalty oath one took. I don't know anyone who voted for Romney in the primary, so what we have here is a state's issue.

Why did SOS Bowden put Romney on her web page as president nominee just after the primary election and before the RNC nomination? Because Romney "won" the GOP in CA, because "CA" wanted Obama, because no matter what Obama is doing from our perspective, from their perspective, he is spending massive amounts on MIC, testing weapons and support, and CA has become all about producing weapons, support, (AND WE DO NEED DEFENSE HERE, the Pacific is a large area to cover /Thank you Hawai'i and US terrritories) and prision industrial complex is also part of that support. That is the ship we have to turn in the state, and so goes the nation.

What I think is, there are crporations, like Bay Area Council, where the CEOs of the global corporations (media, power, telecommunications, energy) and elected past (equal to a true executive committee) politicians (Schwartzennegger, Rice, Clinton), and some active (Brown, State Senate), work out their agreements for CA trade (building more prisons and complexes), which the parties are the representatives of those corporations, the lobbiest who gets the bid in.. which CA has Bechtel and Halliburton, and others, and the company shelling out the capital, bailout or not, is who the party pushes.. and why we are becomming more militarized.

Some folks need 6 secret service agents at their side to speak in public, or even an army, and it's they who we need to convince that people are beautiful and loved and not a cancer to be wiped off THEIR Earth. It's not theirs, but it sure as hell feels like it at times when hell freezes over.