Comment: My only emotional connection to him

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My only emotional connection to him

is that we attend the same college. I do not think he was defending himself which is why I put "defense" in quotations. Some might consider him defending his property if they are taking off with it but I happen to agree with you that he was shooting at a fleeing vehicle and was more an act of aggression than defense. Even if he was attending to kill these kids when firing, it would be a spur of the moment thing and not premeditated worthy of 1st degree murder. I think he is being extremely overcharged which is one of the reasons why I brought this article on here. Now maybe I am mistaken at that and if proven to me I would happily admit me being wrong. But 1st degree could bring this kid a death penalty charge or life in prison (Which leads the question which is worse slow prolonged death or quick almost painless death) which I do not believe he deserves for this act. Again someone could change my opinion or make me look at it in a different way and I would happily change my tune and admit I'm wrong.