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You may be right about the

You may be right about the story having holes in it, but the commenter's point was that "two laws broken" does not equate to the kids being bad or uninnocent. They're victimless crimes. Do you support laws keeping 15-year-olds under state curfew, or preventing them from driving the day before their 16th birthday, while allowing it the day after? That is, do you think they should be locked up or shot for driving at night because of an arbitrarily chosen age limit? If your answer is no, you have no reason to suspect any wrongdoing. Same with the "sleepover" - unless you think these kids should be locked in a cage or shot for going to a party, there is nothing suspicious about it on its face.

Like I said, you may be right that the mom is biased and telling a suspect story. But as the commenter said, you're just playing he said she said.

Raleigh, NC