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I contend

I am playing he said she said, but isn't that what we do most of the time on here with stories. We take the evidence most of the time heresay and formulate our opinions based on this. I realized my mistake at the curfew laws/driving age and commented on that back to him. I do think we need a test to be able to drive and some laws regulating driving age or competence of being able to drive so to an extent the answer to that question is yes. I did not say I think these kids should be locked in a cage or shot for going to a party. I did not even say that I think these kids should be shot when I said "I do not believe that it is right for these kids to be killed for stealing from the truck" however I would be alright with that if he was in the truck and felt is life being threatened while in the truck. I fear I should have taken more time when writing my opinion on this when originally posting.