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However you choose to buy

However you choose to buy gold don't buy the miners... These mining companies are horrible. Leveraged with tons of debt and hedged. And stay away from $NUGT. The only companies I would even think of owning in that sector are $SLW and $AG (i don't own either)

"Gold miners' management teams are unique in that the C-level execs would be completely unable to run any other type of company if they were dropped into that position. The chief guys and gals at Coke could probably manage Caterpillar or Costco once they've had the chance to familiarize themselves with the industry a bit. You cannot say the same with gold miner execs. The truth about gold miner people is that it’s the same guys being shuffled around from one company to the next – a mine or project doesn't pan out and they simply move on to the next firm and start all over again."