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already here?

several years ago (maybe 2007?), went to district of crimminals anti-war rally & march: the weirdest-in a fascinating and ominous way- 'dragonflys' were buzzing along with the marchers..
weird because:
color not right, too black
size/shape not right, too big and boxy
noise/tone not right, buzz was even one-tone, electronic-like
flight not right, jerky-like, not floating, more like in formations/patterns/mechanical
reaction not right, too close, with odd, un-bug-like reactions to crowd, flags & signs
went home thinking i should have scooped one into a cup or bag or something..
found references online to future chipped/cyborg like military bug projects..few days after.
just now, found someone posting a reference to strange flying bugs at 2012 march & rally..