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I haven't listened to him in

I haven't listened to him in I don't know when. He's talking about "open borders"?? wow. I've been watching for any signs of people supporting the North American Union and now I'm curious what about open borders he supports. I've been suspecting all along that the coming dollar collapse is simply to join the economies of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. under a single fiat currency. There have been incremental changes being pushed in government towards this end and the only ones who benefit are the big banks and big corporations. It was being talked about on MSM since 2006; Lou Dobbs spoke of it regularly on CNN. And the people weren't happy about that idea at all! The 3 countries would lose their sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution would be null and void. They don't care a rat's rip about Americans' freedoms at all. Now I hear the words "open borders" from Limbaugh? What does that mean? Traveling between the countries freely? No U.S. borders? Sounds like he's definitely part of that establishment pushing an N.A.U. modeled after the E.U. We see how that turned out (sarcasm).