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Yes and no

you volunteer to register to vote.

When you run for an office or a seat, in many of our cases, we petitioned for ballot access to be elected onto Republican central committee seats.

We you qualify, you are asked to come to the county cleark's office, or the committee, will have you sign oaths and swear oaths to the constitution, the party and a 470, will not commit purgery.

As an elected seat, representing those who voted for you, or of you are appointed, it is expected that you will support the party because the party democratically nominated and elected the national nominees. So if you do not, then you are not keeping your loyalty oath to the party (constitution be damned).

Some states, like Neveda, I believe, have done away with loyalty oaths, and they have legoslation we can use to do away with them, if we can keep seats, to do that.