Comment: No Bitcoiner here is ANTI-silver.

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No Bitcoiner here is ANTI-silver.

No one here who advocates Bitcoins are arguing that PMs don't have a valuable role.

As for the oft-asked SHTF question, Bitcoin communicates via the TCP/IP protocol. Thus "the Internet" isn't mandatory, but much of the 3rd-party infrastructure has been built upon "the Internet". If you use a cloud-based wallet as opposed to one stored locally, you would likely need, "the Internet". Otherwise, any device capable of communicating via the TCP/IP protocol will do (cell phone, computer, cable box, modem, whatever).

So if the power and internet gets knocked out for an extended period of time (read: weeks) it would be tricky, but not impossible to maintain a Bitcoin network.

I personally feel that those who believe in catastrophic SHTF scenarios haven't given much personal though to what would happen in such a situation. Given that 100% of our industry runs on electricity and about 98% relies on the internet, these would be the first two things restored in such an event. I'm honestly not too worried about it.