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Comment: So What?

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So What?

So what if it is a trust, what difference does it make?

Some people claim the Constitution is a contract. Some claim it is a document that created the federal government and delegated powers. You are claiming it is a trust.

So what? Even if it is a trust, they are abusing their powers because as trustees, they were never granted the powers to do what they do. Same as if it were a contract or anything else.

There probably have been legal maneuverings over the years by usurpers to "legally" justify how they bastardize the system. But so what? None of it is valid.

So what if they tricked you into getting a driver's license that you really don't need to have? They don't have the authority to induce people into fraudulent contracts in the first place.

I don't have the answer, but it seems to me that the key must have to do with jurisdiction and figuring out a way to hold cops, bureaucrats, legislators, and judges accountable when they violate the rights of the individual by stepping outside their delegated authority.

THAT is the only discussion worth having.

Look at a message board on Fox, CNN, or Yahoo and you will find thousands of people who believe the system is basically good and everybody must and SHOULD follow any "law" out there.

And we have the most corrupt political and judicial system we've ever had. Most people are completely clueless, and that includes the government employees who push their way into our lives at various levels.

So, we have to work from the reality that THIS is what we have to work with.

(1) How can we get charges against us THROWN OUT of court, when the charge has nothing to do with the violation of anyone's rights?

(2) How can we SUE cops, bureaucrats, and judges when they violate our rights?

(3) How can we RECALL legislators who violate their oaths of office?

These are the types of things that America was all about in the first place. These are the types of things that matter to people in their life.