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What are you talking about "in who's context." The context in which West was speaking of course.

There is much propaganda in the US; however, what does that have to do with what I said. Your wrong and can't admit it (or too stupid to realize it) so you change the subject to America and ignore the Soviet Union which you seem to be fond of. I am quite aware of the propaganda in America. The problem with America is that it has become a democracy and has abandoned the republic.

Citation: "If people voluntarily choose to be in a communist society, what's the problem?" Do you not remember writing that? Go back and see for yourself becasue that is what this entire discussion is about.

When your commune is elected and encompasses a nation, no one is free to leave. That's the point. It's one thing to live in a commune of ten people who move to an area and want to be alone. But when you make your commune the entire nation or state or county or city or town, that is tyranny. And if you recall, no one could leave the Soviet Union. That is what becomes of your communist society.

I can kick your ass indefinitely so keep it coming you liberal troll.