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Right, I wrote that I

Right, I wrote that I appreciated your whole post but would focus on the grace period aspect as this is one of the areas I'm been mulling more recently.

On the right to your own body and the two conflicting property rights at play here, I agree that pregnancy is pretty sticky and even unique. As a mother, I have a difference sense of the property of my body when it comes to a baby in my womb than I did before I was a mother. Oddly, perhaps, my feelings about abortion have become less black and white since having a baby. I'm still against elective abortions, but my gut reaction is far more wiggly on this one than before I procreated.

I've also done some studying of the subject of abortion in cultures that live(d) on the margins of survival -- not because I researching abortion but for my day job. A couple such cultures, and I only studied a few, practiced things like infanticide, routine killing of one twin, and early abortions. At least the anthropologists I've read suggest that such practices were survivalist. These groups lived closed to the edge, and loosing a woman in her procreative years was more devastating to the group than a baby, which would have required years of care before it could contribute to group survival. I suspect this more wiggly feeling I have harkens back to a time -- not so distant -- when a pregnancy at the wrong time of year or in lean years could threaten not just a woman's life but a group's survival.

All that to say why I didn't focus on the bulk of your first post, which stuck in your craw. All that is not the stuff I'm contending with presently, which is the grace period idea you brought up.

You seem to be attacking me for know when life begins. It's not me; biology has had a definition for quite some time now. In fact, the gametes -- sperm and egg -- only fail one of the tests of life: They can't reproduce. Once those two get together, however, all the definitions of life are met. That's called conception because it's the point we have a thing that meets all the five, (I think it's five) biological criteria of life. A blood cell you lose when you cut yourself also meets those criteria. The abortion debate is not about whether the zygote, fetus, or baby is alive -- or life. It's about when we give it this living collection of human cells Constitutional protection.

I'm struggling to figure out if I think we should allow a grace period of the sort a morning after pill would allow. I gave my best thoughts for where I'm thinking right now, after having read and digested your points.