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Comment: I reject your vision of the future.

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I reject your vision of the future.

The difference is that opting out of FRNs can have an effect TODAY and stop what you are suggesting will happen tomorrow. We can reign in government TODAY. We can avoid collapses and shtf scenarios by saying TODAY that we've had ENOUGH of the monopoly money bullshit. We can choose that future TODAY.

Your future is reactive, dystopic, RFID, 1984 bullshit.

I choose a different future.

And by using putting my purchasing power into a system that is off limits to the force of government, that I can use to buy what I want from whom I want TODAY. Easily. Anonymously. In the comfort of my own home.

With bitcoins, I am taking a stand TODAY.

To understand why PMs will fail to undermine fiat, please read this: