Comment: hahaha!!! draft me!

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hahaha!!! draft me!

Y'all see what TMOT started???

It is now "apropos" to make video commentaries from our cars!!!

Someone asked in the other thread about getting 2016 potential candidates exposure, by saying "how do we get rid of the MSM"....just like this...healthy competition, and, deliberate refutation of their B.S. by common folks like me and TMOT!!!

I wanna see more of YOU guys doing these, like we do....smartphones are awesome....8 megapixel on mine, I don't need all the extra fancy studio and HD cameras, or a media empire!

I would love to take State Senator Kirk Dillard's Illinois seat in 2014, since he sponsored the Precious Metals Purchasing Act .... Send me a team to Illinois!!!

He's MY representative!!!